Professional Tax Online Payment, What is it? Receipt, Calculation

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Read this article to gain valuable details on Professional Tax Online Payment, What is it? Receipt and Calculation.

Professional Tax Online Payment

The state imposes a professional tax, a direct tax, as opposed to the federal government. The payment method may, therefore, vary from one state to the next. The authorities accept both online and offline modes of payment for PT. Visit the applicable state’s official website to make a Professional Tax Online Payment.

Making a professional tax online payment or e-payment based on the professional tax slab has the advantage that one does not need to visit the PT office every month. One must register with the Commercial Tax Department and get an Enrollment Certificate (EC) or PT payment number in order to make Professional Tax Online Payment. This article will discuss in-depth the Professional Tax and other important details associated with it.

What is Professional Tax?

A person is required to pay professional tax if they receive a wage or are working in a profession or trade. The State government imposes professional tax as an indirect tax. It is assessed to both workers and anyone operating a business, including professionals, freelancers, etc., subject to any revenue that exceeds the applicable monetary threshold.

Different states in India have distinct professional taxes that the state government imposes. The professional tax is governed by state-specific laws and regulations in each state. States are also permitted to apply professional taxes under Article 276 of the Indian Constitution. The law also establishes a Rs 2,500 upper ceiling above which no one may be subject to professional taxes.

Professional Tax Online Payment Overview

Article NameProfessional Tax Online Payment
Collecting AuthoritiesVaries with states
Aimtax on services provided by an employee in the state.
Professional Tax AmountRs 200- 2500/-
Payment ModeOnline and Offline
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Professional Tax Online Payment Procedure

All the registered employees and employers in the state who have their Professional tax enrollment number can follow the steps provided here and make the online payment of their taxes.

  • To make an electronic payment for professional taxes, exclusively use the official state government website.
  • Search “Professional tax payment” and the name of the city online to locate the portal.
  • Search for and select the Professional Tax-KTP tab from the menu.
  • You can choose between a registered employer and a self-employed professional when filling out a professional tax challan, according to the website.
  • Put in your professional tax payment registration number, business name, and other information when required.
  • Afterwards, based on the requirements of the department and the rules, pick between the options of monthly or yearly.
  • Next, enter the month and year that you are making the tax payment for. The other information must be entered as directed.
  • Enter your registered mobile number and the bank account information from which you plan to make the payment, then press the enter button.
  • Click on the ‘Click here for payment’ tab on the next screen to bring up the payment page.
  • Make the payment and save the professional tax challan in PDF format for later use.

We hope that these steps will help you in making the payment of your Professional tax online.

Professional Tax Receipt

The Professional Tax Receipt serves as confirmation that the professional tax was paid to the province where the individual is allowed to practice their profession. The PTR number should be recorded in your accounting records as evidence of your professional license.

Professionals working for the government are not required to pay the professional tax. Only after a successful PT payment will a receipt or acknowledgement be generated. The official website allows you to download it for later use.

Professional Tax Calculation

Nearly all states have a similar process for calculating professional taxes, and it is a pretty straightforward process. A professional tax is computed based on your pay and pre-established slabs. Simply pay the amount indicated by the tax slab for the specific income you are paying taxes on. A monthly payment of between 200 and 2500 may be necessary.

 The calculation and amount collected under a salary slab can vary from state to state. From the employee’s overall income, this sum must be subtracted. Persons who fail to pay professional tax are subject to a late payment fee and daily interest at a rate equal to 18% of the total amount payable annually.

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