Jason Kelce Admits He Felt 'Emasculated' At The Taylor Swift Concert

Worlds continued to collide for the Kelce brothers.

Recording their New Heights podcast from across the pond, Jason and Travis Kelce discussed their experience in England. They met the British royal family while attending Taylor Swift's concert.

If a pop show is unfamiliar territory for a longtime NFL offensive lineman, the same applies doubly to meeting members of a monarchy.

Recalling their experience meeting Prince William, the Kelce brothers said they were unsure how they were supposed to greet him. 

Although Jason said they were told they didn't need to bow or curtsy in an unofficial setting, he still addressed the Duke of Cambridge as "your Royal Highness."

"I've never felt emasculated, and I did," Jason said. "That was the closest I’ve ever been."

"I’ve never seen you give someone that much respect," Travis replied. "You put your beer like 10 feet away from you."

Travis called Prince William the "coolest," and Jason concurred that he's "a good dude." 

The recently retired Philadelphia Eagles seemed to soften his stance on the royal family a week after saying he's "out on honoring kings" because Americans "don't do royalty."

"Hard to be a down-to-earth human being, I would assume, but [they] came off that way completely," Jason said.

While he called meeting Prince William "fantastic," the recently retired Philadelphia Eagles center said meeting Princess Charlotte was the "highlight" of his encounter with the royal family.

"She was so f****** adorable," Jason declared. "Like I cannot express how -- I don't know, maybe it's because I have three girls now. She had fire to her. She was asking questions. That was the most electric part."