Danny Amendola Has Harsh Response To Xandra Pohl Dating Rumors

For the past two weeks, former New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola has been linked to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Xandra Pohl. This weekend, he finally addressed the rumors. Well, sort of.

TikTok user Stephanie Tleiji revealed in a video that Pohl was recently visiting Amendola at his house in Austin, Texas. This post received over 140,000 views in two days.

Amendola caught wind of this video and messaged Tleiji about her social media content.

“Creepy life you lead. I feel bad for you," Amendola apparently messaged Tleiji.

Tleiji then explained that investigative journalism is her profession. However, Amendola wasn't buying it.

"Spreading gossip based on rumors about people you’ve never met," Amendola said. "There is no artistic integrity That is not journalism. You may get a little coin but you sold your soul. Again.. I feel bad for you. And I’m not concerned."

Some people are knocking Amendola, 38, for dating a woman that's 15 years younger than him. Others are criticizing him for how he allegedly treated his past girlfriends, like Olivia Culpo.

Pohl, who has been nicknamed the "next Kate Upton," has not yet commented on all the rumors. She has, however, received backlash for her alleged relationship with Amendola.