Bedazzled Megan Moroney Lights up CMA Fest Stage, Shares “Full-Circle Moment” of Having Her Brother There With Her

Megan Moroney played the CMA Fest Main Stage for the first time a few weeks ago, lighting up Nissan Stadium with her artfully bedazzled guitar and microphone.

Tonight, June 25, at 8 p.m. Eastern on ABC, fans can catch her performance of “I’m Not Pretty” on the CMA Fest television special, hosted by Ashley McBryde and Jelly Roll.

The girlies were out for Megan Moroney, singing along in the audience to every word. Moroney herself looked radiant and excited to be playing Nissan Stadium for the first time.

Speaking with CMA Fest in an interview prior to the performance, she talked about having her brother with her on stage as part of her band, and the “full-circle moment” that came with that.

In the interview with CMA Fest at the time, Megan Moroney explained that her brother and father taught her how to play guitar. 

To have her brother in the band with her that night was a “full-circle moment” for the young star.

“My dad and my brother both taught me how to play guitar,” she began, “and I actually have my brother here tonight playing with me.

So it’s such a cool, full-circle moment to have him be someone who taught me my first chords [and] experience these bucket list things with me.”

She continued, “I would say my dad and my brother really influenced me in my music starting at a young age. And then it turned into this,” she said, gesturing to CMA Fest as a whole.

She concluded, “I actually brought my dad to the CMA Awards last year, so I’m trying to include them as much as I can in this professional music side of things now.”