Austin Ekeler Is Already Loving What He's Seeing From Jayden Daniels

The Washington Commanders are all in on former Heisman trophy winner Jayden Daniels, and the No. 2 pick has impressed veterans before the season even begins.

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“He’s an absolute stud out there slinging it," said new Commanders running back Austin Ekeler.

“I love his leadership that he’s shown early on. You know, he’s texting me about routes, he’s calling me out in practice, ‘Hey, Ek, this is what we need to do on this,’ or ‘What did you see on this choice route?’"

Ekeler said that Daniels has all the attributes to be successful, and that he's looking forward to see how the young quarterback grows with the keys to the franchise.

The Commanders are hoping to turn things around after missing the playoffs yet again next season, and they're looking for Daniels and new head coach Dan Quinn to change the culture in Washington.

“Yes, we want to go in a direction to win games, but it doesn’t matter unless you take care of the opportunity right now, which is build the culture, build everyone up as far as being a good teammate," Ekeler said, speaking on what the team needs to do to make this season successful.

"Being bought into some type of standard, some type of culture, accountability, all these different things you need to go and make a run, and then we will proceed to the next thing.”

Daniels found a lot of success with elite teammates at LSU, throwing to players like Malik Nabers and Brian Thomas en route to winning the Heisman last season.

With players like Ekeler and Terry McLaurin on the Commanders, the opportunity is there for Daniels to repeat that success in Washington.